The state of New York requires that all non-exempt vehicles registered in the state undergo a yearly safety and emissions inspection. This ensures that motor vehicles meet minimum standards for safety on public roads and that they do not excessively pollute the environment.

The NYS Inspection Requirements

The State requires that a certified motor vehicle inspector at a licensed inspection station must perform annual safety and emissions inspections. At Harry’s Tire, we are licensed and certified to perform this service.

The safety portion of the inspection is comprehensive and must include an examination of the seat belts, brakes, the front end assembly, tires, lights, windshield and other glass, the wipers and blades, and other features. Additionally, the inspector must check for fuel leaks since any dripping or pooling is a safety hazard.

The emissions portion of the inspection utilizes an on-board diagnostic system, or OBDII, to check for the presence and connection of the required emissions control devices. The test also involves a check of the gas cap to ensure that it fits properly and is in good condition. After your emissions inspection, we will automatically send your results to the DMV.

Vehicles that pass the inspection receive a NYS inspection sticker that must be displayed in the windshield. It is a misdemeanor for an inspector to knowingly issue a sticker or for a motorist to accept a sticker without a comprehensive inspection being performed.

About Harry’s Tire

Harry’s Tire has been serving the Auburn, NY community for more than a century, and our certified technicians are dedicated to keeping your vehicles in optimal condition for safety and performance. You can count on our family-owned and operated repair shop for honest, dependable services and affordable prices. Stop by today to have your vehicle inspected, no appointment necessary!

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